If you are interested in taking a PhD in climate research, please see our Studentships page. We are currently recruiting to the following PhD projects with funding available through the ARIES Doctoral Training Partnership at UEA :

•    Why are trends in extreme and average rainfall under climate change so different?  (Tim Osborn, Manoj Joshi) 

•    How will the changing Indian Ocean influence the South Asian monsoon over the coming century?  (Ben Webber, Manoj Joshi)

•    How will the urban heat island in growing cities behave under climate change?  (Clare Goodess)

•    A stratospheric bridge linking Arctic sea ice loss to cold European winters  (Hua Lu, Manoj Joshi)

•    Extreme weather in the tropics  (Adrian Matthews, Manoj Joshi, Ben Webber)

•    Climates of the Caribbean: What are the drivers and impacts of ocean and climate variability for Caribbean Islands?  (David Stevens, Clare Goodess)

    Observing ocean-atmosphere interaction from the poles to the tropics with an AutoNaut autonomous surface vehicle  (Karen Heywood, Ben Webber)

MSc in Climate Change

A one-year MSc course in Climate Change is available.mPlease contact Manoj Joshi for details.

Other teaching

A wide variety of courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate are available through the School of Environmental Sciences.