Hubert Lamb Centenary edition of Weather published

Hubert Lamb Centenary Edition Copy at CRUThe centenary of the birth of the climatologist Professor Hubert Lamb (founding director of the Climatic Research Unit) was commemorated by a meeting held at the University of East Anglia in September 2013.  Four of the papers presented at this meeting have now been published, together with an editorial, in a special issue of the Royal Meteorological Society's Weather magazine.

Special issue table of contents:

Editorial (Richard Cornes):

The study of the climate of medieval England: a review of historical climatology's past achievements and future potential (Kathleen Pribyl):

Historic storms of the northeast Atlantic since circa 1700: a brief review of recent research (R. C. Cornes):

The development of Lamb weather types: from subjective analysis of weather charts to objective approaches using reanalyses (Phil D. Jones, Tim J. Osborn, Colin Harpham and Keith R. Briffa):

Hubert Lamb's ‘treasure trove’: ships’ logbooks in climate research (Dennis Wheeler):