Director of Research

Phil Jones Professor Phil Jones
Instrumental climate change, paleoclimatology

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CRU 1.06

Deputy Director

Keith Briffa Professor Keith Briffa
Dendroclimatology, palaeoclimate and recent climate change

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CRU 0.01

Research Manager

Clare Goodess Dr Clare Goodess
Also Senior Research Associate: regional climate change and projections, extremes

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CRU 01.02

Academic Staff

Manoj Joshi Dr Manoj Joshi
Lecturer in Climate Dynamics: climate forcing and response, stratosphere and climate, planetary climates

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CRU 1.03
Tim Osborn Professor Tim Osborn
Reader in Climate Science: climate modelling, climate variability, climate/weather extremes, palaeoclimate, future climate scenarios

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CRU 1.04

Research Staff

Maureen Agnew Dr Maureen Agnew
Climate variability and change: vulnerability, impacts and adaptation

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CRU 0.02
Richard Cornes Dr Richard Cornes
Developing series of pressure records from early meteorological data: extending the North Atlantic Oscillation time series

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CRU 0.02
Colin Harpham Dr Colin Harpham
Downscaling precipitation using statistical models and artificial neural networks, stochastic weather generators

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CRU 0.02
Harry Harris Mr Ian (Harry) Harris
Dendroclimatology, climate scenario development, data manipulation and visualisation, programming

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CRU 0.05
David Lister Mr David Lister
Meteorological time-series throughout the instrumental period. Climatic variability and its effects

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CRU 0.05
Tom Melvin Dr Tom Melvin
Historical growth rates and changing climate sensitivity of boreal conifers

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CRU 0.05
Dr Craig Wallace
Modulation of the seasonal cycle by climate change

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CRU 02.05

Visiting Fellows and Previous Directors

Manola Brunet Dr Manola Brunet
Climatic data archaeology and analysis of climate variability and change
Ed Cook Dr Ed Cook
Dendroclimatology. Director of LDEO tree-ring lab
Trevor Davies Professor Trevor Davies
CRU Director 1993-1998. Climatology, climate variability, air pollution, composition of precipitation, snow and snowmelt, meteorology

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Andrew Dlugolecki Dr Andrew Dlugolecki
Climate change and insurance
Mick Kelly Dr Mick Kelly
Causes of climatic change, instrumental climate change, climate change and sustainable development
John Kington Mr John Kington
Climatic change and historical climatology: member of the EURO-CLIMHIST team reconstructing past circulation patterns; author "Climate and Weather"
Hubert Lamb Professor Hubert Lamb (1913-1997)
CRU Director 1971-1977
Peter Liss Professor Peter Liss
CRU Acting Director 2009-2010

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ENV 01.29
Jean Palutikof Professor Jean Palutikof
CRU Director 1998-2004. Director of NCCARF, Griffith University. Adapting to climate change in Australia: strategies and policy response

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Sarah Raper Dr Sarah Raper
Climate modelling
CRU 1.04
Tom Wigley Professor Tom Wigley
CRU Director 1978-1993. Honorary Professor ENV: Climate change, climate modelling (currently working with National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado)

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Clive Wilkinson Dr Clive Wilkinson
RECLAIM project (RECovery of Logbooks And International Marine Data)
CRU 0.02

Associate Fellows

Mansour Almazroui Dr Mansour Almazroui
Identifying climatic patterns of Saudi Arabia using large scale circulation data and the influence of teleconnection indices on the local climate
Declan Conway Professor Declan Conway
Climate variability and change and water resources
Dimitrios Efthymiadis Dr Dimitrios Efthymiadis
ECOCHANGE project: regional climate variability

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Malcolm Haylock Dr Malcolm Haylock
Rainfall and temperature climate extremes, climate predictability

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Alexey Karpechko Dr Alexey Karpechko
Southern Hemisphere climate change associated with the Southern Annular Mode; interactions between stratospheric ozone and atmospheric circulation

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Douglas Maraun Dr Douglas Maraun
Time series analysis, extreme value statistics, analysis of precipitation extremes
Astrid Ogilvie Dr Astrid Ogilvie
Historical climatology, Iceland
  Dr Bo Vinther
Climatic interpretation of high resolution Greenland ice core data
Fiona Williamson Dr Fiona Williamson
RECLAIM project (RECovery of Logbooks And International Marine Data)

Support Staff

Alan Ovenden Mr Alan Ovenden
CRU Librarian (Hon)
CRU 0.02
Mike Salmon Mr Mike Salmon
ISD Research Computing Services

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CRU 0.02A

Postgraduate Students

Jonathan Barichivich Mr Jonathan Barichivich
Future tree growth and potential drought stress in the Boreal Forest (Keith Briffa)

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CRU 0.03
Chris May Mr Chris May CRU 0.03
Markus Rau Mr Markus Rau
Circulation patters, extreme events and resource optimisation
CRU 01.03
Jorge Vazquez-Aguiree Mr Jorge L Vazquez-Aguirre
Climate variability and change, climate services and applications, climate datasets (Phil Jones)

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CRU 01.03
Guangzhi Xu Mr Guangzhi Xu CRU 01.03
Rita Yu Ms Rita Yu Zicer 0.01